It's Coming Home! - How sport has brought us back together.

I’ll start off with a strong disclaimer that in no way am I an expert about football. The kicking of a ball into the net just about sums up the knowledge I have for the game. It amazes me when people can glance at the game and can instantly identify the players, whether the ball is offside and which players are available to pass to.

Despite knowing the bare minimum about the sport, I cannot deny I love watching England, and I love the energy and atmosphere it brings to the office. The past few weeks of the Euro’s 2021 has brought excitement to the Omnis office, and a unity and togetherness of our support for our country and our team.

Everyone is coming together to support our national team.

After the past year and a half of cancelled social events, lockdowns, and a complete halt on our usually busy lives, the football has given us a welcome feeling of normality. It feels so uplifting to have something to finally look forward to and get behind, and the lift in spirit and morale inside and outside work is clear. Seeing the footage on TV and online of the celebration across the nation, the high of England’s wins are echoed within the Omnis office.

Discussing the games with each other the next day has given us a new topic of conversation, a topic of conversation everyone can get involved with and has a mutual connection with. Normally topics of conversation within the office can be diverse, with differences of opinions and healthy debates. We are, however, in resolute agreement regarding England and the Euros 2021. It’s coming home.

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