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Our traffic management sector provides specialist traffic management throughout the UK. We use the best equipment with experienced staff to supply you with the best and safest solution tailored to fit all your requirements.

We understand the importance of health and safety for both your team and other road users whether it is a permanent or temporary system our dedicated team will guide you through the process, so a successful, safe project is delivered on time and to a high standard.


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Traffic Management Systems 

We supply various traffic management solutions tailored to your works and your industry with keeping your workforce safe at all times as our priority. You can find more information about the system we use below;

Temporary Traffic Lights

We can provide temporary traffic light systems from 2-way systems to multi-phase systems depending on the location and works. We can also include pedestrian crossing systems to control traffic and pedestrians safely around your site.

Stop & Go Systems

If temporary traffic lights are not an option, but traffic control is still required we may need to install a temporary manned Stop & Go System to manually control the flow of traffic.

Road Closures & Diversions

Sometimes a full road closure may be required, diverting traffic on an appropriate alternative route. We can supply advance warning signs prior to the closure and special legend signage with information specific to the area and closure, all made in house. We also take away the stress of arranging ‘Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders’ by taking care of this for you.

Lane Closures

We provide lane closures from both street works to high speed sites. We have a highly qualified team that will ensure the safety of both your team and other road users. Installing anything from small lane closures up to motorway and slip road closures.

Convoy System

Where normal traffic management arrangements are not feasible due to highway width, we can implement a safe convoy working system. This will control the speed of the traffic passing your workforce by use of a convoy vehicle leading traffic past the site, one direction at a time.


Sometimes it is possible to implement a contraflow system, keeping both directions of traffic moving at the same time. This is an effective method to keep traffic flow when the appropriate carriageway widths are available but a lane closure isn’t achievable.

Priority Systems

Priority systems can be installed on quite roads with good visibility up to 60MPH, this is an effective solution for short duration works with minimal impact on traffic.

Pedestrian Management

Pedestrian management with chapter 8 barriers is commonly used when accessing cabinets in the footway and much more. If ample footpath width can be maintained for the public to pass safely, we can safe guard you team while they complete your works.

All our work is carried out by trained operatives, if you have any questions or to discuss your requirements get in touch today.